The Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Monteagle, Tennessee was organized May 10 (or May 1), 1884, with Rev. R. J. Moore as pastor. It was then known as the Union Church in Marion County, and was located behind the City Cafe. There were sixteen charter members; leading organizers were Sam Young, Mrs. Annie Porter, John Lowrie, Miss Sarah Gillam, and Mr. and Mrs. John Moffatt. The Rev. Moore remained pastor for six years; then in February of 1891, Rev. Waterson took the pastorate.

On the third Sunday of March 1892, Rev. W. E. Tillett came to the church as pastor, serving for the next six years. It was during this period in 1894 that a move was made to build a Cumberland Presbyterian Church building. A lot was purchased for $50.00 from E. W. Holcombe and his wife Mary J. Holcombe. Funds were raised; the deed was filed in Davidson County on November 9, 1896, and registered in Grundy County on June 10, 1897. Sunday School was organized in the new church in October 1895. The new church dedication was the first Sunday of May in 1896.

In 1898 the Rev. J. C. Henley came as pastor and served for three years. Then the Rev. W. E. Tillett was called back and served until 1906, when he resigned at his request. In May of 1906 the Rev. G. C. Tallent became pastor and served for a few months. In November of 1906 the Rev. E. (or F.) L. McWilliams came to the church and served until September of 1908. Then the Rev. S. T. Byers became pastor and served for the next three years. In 1911 the Rev. W. T. Pressley (or Presley) came and served for three years. Then Brother J. C. Odum took his place, serving for the next seven years. He was an active minister at his home in Beech Grove, Tennessee. Then the Rev. Lovett served for a year or two.

Around 1912 there were 133 members, but by 1925 membership and interest in the church had fallen off greatly. In the years between 1925 and 1934 there was no pastor or regular church service.

The church was reorganized in May of 1934 with four members, and L. P. Lowrie as the only elder. Dr. Tillett was the pastor, who came to the church faithfully on the second Sunday of each month. It was through the loving kindness and generosity of Mrs. Irene Dickenson, who paid a large part of the pastor's salary, that all this was possible. Then there were four elders: J. D. Holder, Horace Long, Isaac Perry, and Terrill Richmond.

Between 1939 and 1957 the church was served by the Reverends: Eshman, M. H. Wakefield, Charles Hendershot, L. E. Baird, O. J. Woodward and S. O. McAdoo. In 1952 the Rev. Ky Curry, pastor of the Cowan, Tennessee Cumberland Presbyterian Church, came to help us. Rev. Beverly Johnson was hired to serve Monteagle and Sewanee churches. Elders were J. D. Holder, C. M. McDonald, W. D. Lowrie, and John Miller.

Sunday School rooms were were added to the church in 1957.

In 1958 Theron Myers, a dedicated lay minister and an outstanding educator and gifted speaker from Sewanee, Tennessee, began conducting the church services, and continued serving faithfully until his death in 1981. After that there were four more lay speakers who served until 1986: Tom Stubblefield, Mike Winn, Ralph O'Lear, and Billy Terrill.

Miss May Justus, a school teacher and author, had been faithful and improved the church building in more ways than one. A number of other outstanding people have served the lord in the church as elders, teachers, etc. Just to name a few: John Miller, Beulah Miller, Doug Holder, Hattie Holder, Bill Lowrie, Mae Tucker, Vera Campbell, Clare McDonald, Elizabeth McDonald, and Ora Lee McFarland.

The following was written by Charlene Lowrie on August 3, 1986:

"Our present teachers are Tom Stubblefield, Shirley Winn and Mike Winn. Elders are Charlene Lowrie, Nettie Thomas, and Billie Faye Terrill. Treasurer is Charlene Lowrie and Sessions Clerk is Billie Faye Terrill. Rev. Hillman Moore, Moderator of the church from Cowan, comes to the mountain the first Sunday of each quarter to serve communion, have baptism, and receive new members.

"We are proud to say Chris Winn was baptised this year and Angela Thomas Kopek was baptised and became a member of the church. Charles Thomas brings us messages upon occasion of which we are proud to say that today is one of the occasions.

"Thanks to all of our new comers, our attendance varies from 12 to 32, and our present membership is 6.

"Let it be noted that even though we are small in number, our hearts are with the Lord."

In November of 1986 the Rev. Frank Harmon and his wife Evelyn of Beech Grove, Tennessee, came to serve as minister. The church gained seven new members, and the Sunday School rooms were painted and carpeted.

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